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MIRAI supports start-ups, carve-outs of companies and persons who will found their companies, by providing training programs and meet-up events with larger companies and investors in order to realize innovation.
MIRAI now accepts application with business plan to commercialize ideas and technologies developed.


  • SEED , Early and Middle stage
  • Carve-outs of a company or person/team that plans spin-off a business
  • Academic researchers and university students who intend to start their business in near future


All Industries

  • Sports-tech
  • Medical care/Healthcare
  • Health Promotion
  • Lifestyle-related disease prevention
  • Insure Tech
  • Mindfulness
  • Social health
  • Robotics and element technologies
  • AI
  • IoT/Sensors
  • Big Data
  • Sensing
  • Quantum computer
  • Security/Safety
  • Sharing Business
  • Retail-tech
  • Fintech
  • Block chain/ DAO
  • Regulation-tech
  • Legal-tech
  • Drone
  • Telematics/ Connected Automobiles
  • Cool Japan
  • VR/AR/MR
  • Media and entertainment
  • Agri-tech
  • Food-tech
  • Energy
  • New materials
  • Aerospace
  • Satellite data
  • 5G/Infrastructure
  • Recycling society
  • Social Business
  • Resilience (Disaster Prevention/Loss of Damage) etc


MIRAI provides the following benefits/Rewards

  1. Business plan development and mentoring support by VCs and experts
  2. Business networking and Meet-up support with MIRAI consortium member corporations
  3. Participation to Japan’s No.1 Business Pitch and Exhibition that larger corporations and VCs participates
  4. "MIRAI" support member corporation
  5. Grant for supporting business commercialization

Screening Criteria

【Essential Criteria】

  • Having high possibility of commercialization in near future
  • Identifying market needs
  • Promising and viable business ideas and plan
  • Highly passionate and motivated to commercialize the ideas, and having appropriate team members (with high potential) to realize the ideas
  • Addressing social issues and high potential of strong positive social impact


  • "MIRAI" support member corporation
    High possibility of utilization for new nomal society after/with covid-19

MIRAI supporting member

※Supporting member will be updated at any time.


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